A visit to Spring Street Historical Museum is a wonderful day out for the entire family. Beautifully restored and preserved by professionals who have devoted their lives to it's epic and proud history.

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Spring Street Historical Museum

525 Spring Street, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

Current Exhibit:

Tough Times Ahead: Black Tuesday & Its Aftermath in Northwest Louisiana during the Great Depression

October-December 2009

Featuring, in the Upstairs Parlor:

Re-use & Recycle: Depression Era Clothing

Upcoming Exhibits:

Coming in 2010:

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Amidst the modern era of the text message, we look back & remember a time when pen & ink ruled the day.

From love letters to business notes, the Spring Street Museum takes a look at the words that once documented the events of our lives.

January - May 2010

Greetings from Shreveport, LA

We've all seen the typical touristy postcard bearing the scrawled message, "Wish you were here!" You may think such items are reserved for pictures of places like Mount Rushmore or the Hawaiian Islands, but over the years, Shreveport has been the subject of its own collection of postcards. This exhibit will show visitors of the Spring Street Museum a view of Shreveport as seen through these vintage and early modern postcards.

May - September 2010

The Evolution of the Domestic Goddess

From the antebellum housewife to the 1950s June Cleaver, America's image of the ideal housewife has changed dramatically.

This exhibit looks at the skills and tools once necessary to master the "domestic arts". At the same time, visitors to the Spring Street Museum will learn how the changing image of America's ideal housewife reflected the changes and modernization of American society itself.

September - December 2010

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